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MLM Bitcoin pertama dan satu-satunya di dunia sistem

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Over the past few weeks our team has been working hard in Reykjavik Iceland setting up our new mining facility. Together we have made a very big step toward our plan of being here for the long term.

Iceland offers the perfect environment for mining, not only is the power 100% green and renewable which makes us feel very responsible knowing its clean energy, but it’s also cheap and it offers a real long term profitable mining solution.

This facility is state-of-the-art and there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world. We are just getting started with our plans here and now that we have deployed our first set of miners and have the process in place we are going to quickly expand as we continue to grow this membership.

Being in this facility makes us about 20% more profitable and with the early feedback from the machines, we can run them longer and harder than anywhere else in the world. One of the key things we are excited about is the opportunity for BitClub members to visit our mine and see what we are building without compromising security.

This is truly an enterprise solution and we are among the elite miners in this industry now, it’s a dream come true for geeks like us to be set up in this type of facility and have this much raw power at our disposal :)

Want to see it? All members who attain the rank of Pro Builder or higher will automatically be put on a list and you will have the opportunity to tour the facility. If you are interested just contact us via support, let us know the dates you are planning to visit and we will set it up for you.

We need a minimum of 48 hours notice to get you cleared and you must present photo ID to enter. If you do get a chance to go up there we think you will be blown away by how the entire operation works, especially the Hydroelectric and Geothermal power that is being harnessed for all this electricity.

We may also plan a leadership trip in the near future so stay tuned for updates if you are interested in seeing this facility.

Here are some pictures and a quick video… (you can also see details under Mining Pool)


Video of Iceland Mining Facility

New Mining Pool is LIVE

As mentioned in some previous updates our mining pool was completely re-built and we were waiting on the deployment of this new facility to re-launch it. This happened a few days ago and is now fully LIVE and ready for miners to join. In fact, we have already hit 3 blocks in the past 3 days and we are still bringing over more power.

Check us out on the BlockChain…
- Top Mining Pools
- Block 1, Block 2, Block 3

You should have noticed a nice boost in the payout when this power went online.

We spent a lot of time setting up our new mining pool and although you wont see most of the effort on the front end you should know that we have some extremely high security measures in place on all fronts to ensure we don’t get knocked offline or hacked.

Unfortunately, since Bitcoin mining is so profitable there are pools and groups of hackers who attack pools trying to knock them offline. We have experience in dealing with this over the past few years and have taken extreme measures to hide and set up multiple layers of decoys to prevent being attacked.

We can’t tell you all the stuff we are doing because it would defeat the purpose but just know this pool is very well protected and we plan to stay ahead of the game so we can attract large miners who want to maximize their mining profits. With this set up we believe we can become one of the largest pools in the world and the larger we get the more blocks we will hit and payout.

In other words… It’s GO TIME!!

If you are a miner with existing machines or you have control of hashing power that you would like to point to our pool please contact us! We have set up 24/7 support and we are currently offering some great incentives to move your power with us. Just open a support ticket here or go to our pool page and click on support.

Coming up Next… ClubCoin

We are happy to announce a full Beta of ClubCoin this week. You will not actually see this Beta because we have a small group of people trying to do everything they can to break and fully test it for launch.

We have been working on this code for many months and all simulations we have done have passed so this will be the first real version of the coin and assuming it passes all the stress tests we can launch as early as next week!

Ideally, you should expect a week or so of testing and we are trying hard to keep our promise of launching in July.

More details coming soon! Thanks for your continued support and hard work in making BitClub Network a real opportunity for anyone. The ground work has been laid and can you believe we are only a few months away from our one year anniversary?

-BCN Support Team

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